canadian cohousing conference

Coming to Vancouver in April 2018! 

Registration starts Monday, January 22nd, with early bird pricing until February 15th or when tickets sell out.  Check out their website for more info or to subscribe!

rezoning process 

We have purchased a site in the City of North Vancouver, and submitted a rezoning application in the summer of 2017.  


Our community is near capacity with our existing membership, so we are no longer searching for additional members.  Due to the long length of our waitlist and the small number of potential units, we are no longer adding names to the waitlist.

Who are we?

Our group is a diverse group of singles, couples, families with kids, and retirees who have come together to create a cohousing community. Rather than feeling over-extended or isolated, we want a more practical and social lifestyle, based on co-operation, respect and caring for our neighbours.


Stay in touch

We are no longer searching for additional members. However, if you're still interested in cohousing, please stay on our email list, as any future cohousing groups may ask us for interested households.

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Check out the Canadian Cohousing Network's FAQs.

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